Shitennou Ficathon

I'm not sure if anybody reading is interested, but for your information is having a ficathon again.

There's more information on the shitennou forums .  K. Wyse is doing the administration, I'm just providing the bandwidth :)  And a story or two or three.  The plot bunnies have started hitting me hard.  Now if I can just get stuff written before the deadline I'll be a happy camper.

In other news - I've been running the shitennou forums on fudforum instead of phpbb and have been impressed so far.  Of course, it's ugly as all getout (I really need to create a new theme for it) and module/plugin support for additional features would be awesome, but it's a heck of a lot nicer than the spaghetti code mess that is phpbb.  So anybody with some really good shitennou/senshi fanart - I'm looking for stuff to use for a new layout for the forums :)


Christine K

I have a custom-styled FUD Forum at -- accomplished ONLY by changing the CSS and 100% upgrade-compatible. FUD forum is awesome.

2006-06-14 1:15 pm

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